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White Tea

White tea is made from the original tea plant called “Camellia Sinensis”.

You can find these tea plants in China.

White tea is only made from the youngest buds of the tea plant.

The petals of the buds are almost white (hence the name).

There are only 4 days a year when the buds are picked to make the white tea, so it is a very popular tea. The tea must be processed and dried in the sun within 48 hours.

Benefits Of White Tea:

White tea can be considered a powerful antioxidant, is rich in polyphenols and has countless qualities.

It nourishes, regenerates and protects the skin.

It reduces wrinkles, redness and imperfections, it shapes our complexion… it tightens the pores and it regulates the sebum production.

White tea is also delicious to drink in the evening without sleeping problems.

White tea is unmatched in its effectiveness in slowing down skin aging.

The many antioxidants that are hidden in white tea are not only good for the immune system, but also fight pathogens in the human body.

White tea, like green tea, has a stimulating effect on the burning of body fat.


The skin is radiant, supple and firm.

To obtain strong bones: White tea contains flavonoids that increase bone density.

The theanine, which is an amino acid found in white tea, is also very good for the body.

It provides vitality and has a calming effect on the brain.

White tea helps control your blood pressure and lowers bad cholesterol.

White tea is also good for dental health…bye bye cavities and plaque.

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