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White Tea

White Tea

Discover the power of White Tea for radiant skin!

Enjoy a delicious cup of tea without sleeping problems.

Enjoy a youthful appearance thanks to the anti-aging properties of white tea.

White Tea nourishes and protects the skin naturally.

=>> Scientifically proven.

Discover the power of White Tea and give your skin the care it deserves.

Jasmin Dragon Pearl Jasmin Dragon Pearl
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Brand: Blend Tea Model: Jasmin Dragon Pearl
Discover the enchanting taste of handmade Jasmin Dragon Pearl tea and be surprised by the delicate and floral aromas.Our Jasmin Dragon Pearl tea is handmade from the bud and second leaf of the tea plant and scented five times with night-blooming jasmine flowers.Traditionally considered a tea for spe..
Our classics Our classics
New Hot
Model: Klassiekers
With this package you can extensively taste our 6 classics, 4 pyramids of each flavor.So your package contains 24 bags with 100% BIO degradable pyramids, a complete description of each tea, a video with all the ingredients per tea and a handy guide "How do I make the perfect cup of tea!".Our classic..
White Czar White Czar
New Hot
Brand: Blend Tea Model: White Czar
Be surprised by the rare Pai Mu Tan tea, from the Fuijan region in China. This premium white tea, with hints of bergamot oil, mandarin and vanilla, is hand-processed into beautiful creations such as tea flowers.Made from only the first leaves of the tea plant, carefully picked by hand.- No additions..
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