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Tea Tasting

Get together with Paul and taste the difference between black, green, white and rooibos tea. Get all the info about the health benefits from Blend Tea.

What do you get : tasting of 6 tea's, syllabus, total explanation of what tea is, 5% discount in the shop and extra we present shaken Ice Tea By Blend Tea.

Minimum 4 persons max 6

Brand: Blend Tea Model: surprise-tasting
What does this tea tasting consist of?– Foodpairing & Tea– Dishes with tea– Cheese & Tea..
Tea Tasting for large groups
New Free
Model: surprise-tasting
A Tea Tasting for a large group of people (from 10 people to 50 people)This can be at your company or organization, but can also be in a room at your company party.What can you expect:- The history and origin of tea.- The complete tea development process.- How to make the best cup of tea.- Which tea..
Tea Tasting Masterclass Online
New Hot
Model: Tea-Masterclass Online
Taste and discuss with Paul the differences between black tea, green, white and rooibos tea. Get all the information about the health benefits of Blend Tea.We send you a tasting box to do the tasting with.What can you expect: tasting of 6 teas, syllabus, the total experience of what tea entails..
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