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Tea as therapy

Tea as therapy, it is something we have often talked about with people.

The complete process of choosing what you fancy, filling the kettle and letting it boil, opening the bag to release the aromas, infusing and letting your entire home be filled with all these delicious scents, it seeing water transform into pure phytotherapy, smelling and tasting this age-old drink... yes, I'm sure it has a therapeutic effect... right?

YES, the experience is back... consciously working on pure things that add value to your life, your body and thus soften your mind... will bring you peace and give you freedom again.

Tea makes a lot of sense to people, it has a lot of content, history, customs and emotions.

The tannins in tea have an anti-inflammatory effect, calm the stomach and intestines and have a healing effect on respiratory diseases.

According to scientific studies, the risk of a heart attack decreases with regular consumption of tea.

We at Premium Blend Tea reflect every day on how we can enhance our customers' experience, make that experience even broader, that escaping the daily grind......tea is about catching your breath. at every level of your being.

Discover today what we at Premium Blend Tea can do for you personally, your company, your employees, your organization...

We wish you a pleasant, successful, loving, tasteful, full of experience day.

Chin Chin.

Anuschka & Paul

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What does this tea tasting consist of?– Foodpairing & Tea– Dishes with tea– Cheese & Tea..
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