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Sweet Almond

Sweet Almond
Sweet Almond
Sweet Almond
Sweet Almond
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Sweet Almond
Sweet Almond
Sweet Almond
Sweet Almond
Sweet Almond
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It is the scent of toasted almonds that inspires this rich blend of apple pieces, cinnamon, toasted almond slices, and hibiscus petals. It's a treat for those who like sweets, but still prefer decaffeinated drinks.

  • Content box pyramids: 15 bags
  • Content bag of loose tea: 100 grams

As the name implies, Sweet Almond is not a real tea because this drink is based on apple pieces and therefore does not contain tea leaves (Camellia Sinensis). This drink is a typical European tradition that is always very popular in Germany and around the Alps.

This 'tea' is a feast of color and taste with hints of spice often added with apple, hibiscus, raisins, rose hips, lemon or orange peel, vanilla, nuts and herbs.

It needs a longer infusion than regular tea, but unlike most teas, it can be steeped for hours without any loss of flavor.

Fruit waters are of course decaffeinated and can therefore be drunk throughout the day, including in the evening and before going to sleep.


Pieces of apple, cinnamon, roasted almond flakes and beetroot pieces.


Pour water that is off the boil, about 95 degrees Celsius on 2 grams of tea and let it steep for 5 minutes for best results.

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The transparent pyramid-shaped tea bags from Blend Thee combine the quality of the tea leaf with the convenience of a traditional tea bag. Their three-dimensional shape and silky material allow large amounts of water to flow freely through the pouch, so the tea leaves have plenty of room to set freely and release all their goodness. The tea bags are 100% biodegradable and are ultrasonically sealed so that the taste cannot be affected by leftover taste from paper, glue, bleach, metal staples or cardboard.

Loose tea in resealable bag

You now get the same high quality tea in a new unparalleled packaging for an unbelievably affordable price. Our DoiPacks are hermetically resealable bags with a ziplock, made from a 3-layer material that protects tea from light, humidity, odors, and excessive heat: they are ideal for storing tea.

Inhibits the growth of fungi and bacteria. Works anti-inflammatory.