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Rooibos Tea

Rooibos comes from a plant that originally grows in South Africa.

Rooibos has a distinctive red color and is considered a healthy drink.

The leaves of the Fynbos plant (Aspalathus Linearis) are used to make rooibos it is officially not a real tea (contains no caffeine and hardly any tannin).

Benefits of Rooibos:

Rooibos has a slightly relaxing effect due to the lack of caffeine ... so ideal for drinking in the evening.

Madagascar Madagascar
New Hot
Brand: Blend Tea Model: Madagascar
Rooibos and vanilla are a classic mix. They complement each other, and yet the separate flavors remain. Now we've added a dash of scented Kefhir lime to make her an elegant, almost sinful experience.Rooibos is rich in antioxidants, vitamin C and is caffeine-free.IngredientsSouth African ro..
Nettare D'Africa Nettare D'Africa
New Hot
Brand: Blend Tea Model: Nettare D'Africa
We have added the relaxing properties of the caffeine-free Rooibos from South Africa and the piquant sweet taste of orange, and the perfume of the bitter orange. This exceptional blend can be served warm before going to bed, or as an iced tea during the summer.Content box pyramids: 15 bagsConte..
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