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Pamper yourself with Infusions, the perfect harmony of spices, flowers and herbs!

Be seduced by the delicious combination of spices, flowers, herbs and fruits in our Infusions.

These unique blends are formulated to be enjoyed and offer countless benefits for your well-being.

The delicious taste and smell of Infusions ensure that you not only like them, but also love them.

The diversity of flavors and ingredients in Infusions provide a unique and harmonious experience with every cup.

Treat yourself today with our Infusions and experience the harmony of spices, flowers and herbs in every sip.

Cranberry Cranberry
New Hot
Brand: Blend Tea Model: Cranberry
Discover the refreshing and hearty taste of Cranberry tea - a superfood sensation!Pamper yourself with the fruity and hearty taste of Cranberries combined with fragrant hibiscus. This refreshing tea has a full aftertaste and subtle fruity notes. Even make it as a “Cold Brew” for an extra cooling exp..
Ginger Lemon Ginger Lemon
New Hot
Brand: Blend Tea Model: Ginger Lemon
Boost your immunity with our refreshing Ginger Lemon tea!Our Ginger tea combines the spicy of ginger with the freshness of lemon for a unique taste experience that will delight everyone. Whether you want to enjoy it for breakfast, in the evening in front of the TV or cold during the day, this infusi..
Milla Milla
New Hot
Brand: Blend Tea Model: Milla
Immerse yourself in ultimate relaxation with Milla, a soothing and feel-good infusion.With a touch of sweetness and song added, every sip warms your heart and brings back nostalgic memories from your childhood.Calming and antispasmodic, as proven by countless satisfied customers.Essential components..
Our classics Our classics
New Hot -6 %
Model: Klassiekers
With this package you can extensively taste our 6 classics, 4 pyramids of each flavor.So your package contains 24 bags with 100% BIO degradable pyramids, a complete description of each tea, a video with all the ingredients per tea and a handy guide "How do I make the perfect cup of tea!".Our classic..
16.00€ 16.99€
Sweet Almond Sweet Almond
New Hot
Brand: Blend Tea Model: Sweet Almond
Be seduced by the wonderful scent of roasted almonds in our Sweet Almond.A rich blend of apple, cinnamon, toasted almond slices and hibiscus petals awaits to satisfy your sweet tooth. This caffeine-free treat is perfect for any time of the day.The perfect harmony of ingredients creates a unity of fl..
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