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Arabian Nights Arabian Nights
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Brand: Blend Tea Model: Arabian Nights
Originating from the ancient recipe of the nomadic tribes of the Maghreb desert, we bring you the sweet experience of genuine Moroccan Nanah mint and Chinese Gunpowder green tea. It should be served warm and with a lot of love.Ingredients Gunpowder green tea, Moroccan Nanah and Tiznit mint...
5.35€ 5.79€
Black Tea Gift Set Black Tea Gift Set
New -20 %
Brand: Blend Tea Model: PD_BTC_giftbox
The Black Box 20 bags in 4 flavours.Earl Grey SpecialDarjeelingTruffle BlancItalian Breakfast..
14.35€ 17.85€
Brewing Basket Black
New -8 %
Brand: Blend Tea Model: BrewingBasket
To give your tea experience more...
6.00€ 6.55€
Darjeeling Darjeeling
New Hot -3 %
Brand: Blend Tea Model: Darjeeling
Often considered the most valuable of black teas, Darjeeling is also known as the “Champagne of Tea”. It is harvested at high altitudes of the Himalayas and it is one of the most sought after teas in the world. The resulting golden-bronze drink is balanced, with hints of green leaves and n..
5.59€ 5.79€
Gun Powder Gun Powder
New Hot -9 %
Brand: Blend Tea Model: Gun Powder
Discover this special variety of the famous Chinese green tea. This green tea called "Temple of Heaven" is not fermented and it is rolled into small dark spheres which give it its distinctive "gunpowder" shape.Content box pyramids: 15 bagsContent bag of loose tea: 100 gramsLike white tea, green..
5.25€ 5.79€
Lemon Ice Tea Lemon Ice Tea
New -6 %
Brand: Blend Tea Model: Ice Tea Limoen
Refreshing taste of lemon and Ceylon tea.This contains no less than 50% less sugar than the commercial brands.Only pure flavors, the iced tea contains only natural ingredients.Choice of 10, 20, 30, 40 or 50 pieces.Preparation method :Open the package and empty it into preferably a coc..
9.10€ 9.73€
Tempio Del Nepal Tempio Del Nepal
New Hot -12 %
Brand: Blend Tea Model: Tempio Del Nepal
The special taste of Oolong tea is the favorite among the connoisseurs. This mixture is enriched with the elegant and spicy aroma of Chinese star anise (“star anise”, “Chinese badian”). Coriander seeds are also added to this mix resulting in a light and refreshing note.Oolong tea ..
5.12€ 5.79€
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