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Arabian Nights Arabian Nights
New Hot
Brand: Blend Tea Model: Arabian Nights
Originating from the ancient recipe of the nomadic tribes of the Maghreb desert, we bring you the sweet experience of genuine Moroccan Nanah mint and Chinese Gunpowder green tea. It should be served warm and with a lot of love.Ingredients Gunpowder green tea, Moroccan Nanah and Tiznit mint...
Blend Tea Glass
New Hot 2-3 Days
Brand: Blend Tea Model: Blend Tea Glass
To give your tea experience even more meaning... a double toughened and lasered glass tea mug...
Body & Mind Body & Mind
New Hot
Brand: Blend Tea Model: Body & Mind
This light and aromatic Chinese green tea from Yunnan goes great with the aromas of Indian lemongrass and lemon zest. It is a refreshing blend rich in antioxidants, created specifically to help you restore harmony to your body and mind.Content pyramids: 15 bagsContent bag of loose tea: 70 grams..
Brand: Blend Tea Model: B-Theekan
Unique teapot to let your loose leaf develop in all its splendour. ..
Brand: Blend Tea Model: BrewingBasket
To give your tea experience more...
Cast iron tea pot "Shinto Black"
New Hot
Brand: Blend Tea Model: Shinto-Cast-Iron
This cast iron teapot cannot be missing in your cupboard...
Collection Boxes Collection Boxes
New 2-3 Days
Brand: Blend Tea Model: Gift-Box
Gift box of 4 kinds of tea, a total of 20 pieces. Available in 5 flavours: Green, Black, Herbal, Exotic and Citrus.Select the quantity and the choice, we'll do the rest!..
Cranberry Cranberry
New Hot
Brand: Blend Tea Model: Cranberry
This tea is the result of a combination of apple pieces and the fruity and firm taste of cranberries and hibiscus according to an American recipe. Cranberries and Cran-Apple juices are very popular in America. And of course you can also drink this tea chilled as a refreshing summer drink.C..
Darjeeling Darjeeling
New Hot
Brand: Blend Tea Model: Darjeeling
Often considered the most valuable of black teas, Darjeeling is also known as the “Champagne of Tea”. It is harvested at high altitudes of the Himalayas and it is one of the most sought after teas in the world. The resulting golden-bronze drink is balanced, with hints of green leaves and n..
Earl Grey Special Earl Grey Special
New Hot
Brand: Blend Tea Model: Earl Grey Special
The well-known recipe created for the Earl Gray in the early 1800s has been recreated using a finer Ceylan black tea, genuine Bergamot essential oil, and enriched with the colorful Cornflower and Calendula petals. The result is an ideal tea for every day...
Brand: Blend Tea Model: Friendship-pack
If you have something to celebrate with your loved one or BFF then this is for you.We also pack this package for you with care.....what can you expect.A recipe for a loved ones/friends drink without alcohol with the tea from this package.What can you expect .... an email from us with a nice friend a..
Ginger Lemon Ginger Lemon
New Hot -3 %
Brand: Blend Tea Model: Ginger Lemon
Our new Ginger Lemon tea combines the freshness of ginger with the freshness of lemon. This infusion has so much depth that it can appeal to everyone. To drink at breakfast, in the evening with the TV as well as cold throughout the day...
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