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Frequently Asked Questions

The temperature of your water has an effect on the tea….the scorching of aromas…but also the release of acids/bitters.

The infusion time is important for the release of earthy, deeper flavors that are often too much for us.

This is due to the use of no additives, glues, staples, dyes and sugars.

If we determine during production that a part does not meet our quality requirements…..we will not run production and we may not be able to make a new one in time, resulting in stock exhaustion.

Without problem, contact us by mail: to agree on this, eg which private message you want us to stop.

No, but we are kosher which is a higher standard than an organic label.

No, this is not necessary because we only use full-leaf tea and 100% natural additives.

We have 22 different flavors in our range, but at Christmas there is always an extra in the form of a specially composed Christmas tea for that year. This one is available on a limited basis .... it's gone, so to speak.

Yes, our Darjeeling, Italian Breakfast and Gunpowder are unblended teas.

Yes sure, without theine in it…. White Czar, Jasmin Dragon Pearl, Milla, Cranberry, Sweet Almond, Nettar d’Africa and Madagascar.

Our rooibos teas are perfect for this, Nettare D'Afrcia with orange or our Madagascar with vanilla.

Yes, our Ginger/Lemon but also our Idian Chai and Tempio Del Nepal.

It is true that there are many antioxidants present in tea… many beneficial effects have been attributed to this. It is best to serve green and white tea. "It contains a higher amount of antioxidants than in black or oolong tea."

Herbal tea or fruit tea, infusions are actually not tea because it does not come from the tea plant.

But that's not to say it doesn't have health benefits.

On the contrary!

Herbs, plants and flowers have been known for centuries for their medicinal properties, so infusions are just as healthy as tea.

Yes please, in South Africa they give rooibos tea in a cold version to the babies for their stomach/intestinal colic. With us Finn (our son) drinks a lot and likes our sweet tea (the cranberry)

Perfect to drink cold, for example the White Czar, Nettare D'Africa, Ginger/Lemon, Cranberry, ....

Because we always use 100% natural ingredients, it is not necessary to use sugar, we also always ensure a perfect balance in flavors.

In a very regular way yes, if you subscribe to our newsletter you will always be informed.

A tasting or workshop always takes place at our office because we have everything there to ensure that the tasting/workshop runs smoothly.

If you would like to make a special request, we can discuss this, please send your question to

This is certainly possible and even highly recommended due to the great benefits of several teas in our range. There will soon be an E-Book about this that you can request by mail.

You can certainly find several recipes for cooking with Blend Tea in our blogs, but certainly in our Blend Tea Club on Facebook… from starters, over cookies, to main courses and desserts.

You can always order our introductory package in which you can find our 22 flavors with the necessary explanation and supplied with a glass mug.

This is certainly possible, you can see this under the heading of food pairing… on the Blend Tea Club on Facebook you can find several combinations. Be sure to visit our Blend Tea Club.

If you order before 12:00, your order will be shipped the same day. Depending on how busy Bpost is, your order will then be delivered the day after at the specified address.

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