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A cookie, also known as an HTTP cookie, web cookie, or browser cookie, is generally a small data file that is sent from a website and stored in an internet user's web browser when that internet user visits a website. When the internet user later visits the same website again, the data stored in the cookie can be recovered by the website in order to inform the website about the previous use of the internet user. Cookies are designed as a reliable mechanism for the websites, allowing them to remember the state of the website or the past visit of the internet user. They help us to optimize your visit to the website, to remember your technical choices (for example your choice of language, the last consulted products, etc.) and to display the most pertinent services and offers. If you visit our website, we recommend that you accept cookies. However, if you do not wish this, you are still free not to accept it.

Cookies can include clicking special keys, a login or saving pages visited by the internet user, even several months or years before. Although cookies cannot transmit viruses, and they cannot install malicious software on the visiting computer, persistent cookies and, in particular, third-party tracking cookies are mainly used as a means of long-term storage of the user's browsing history data. store. We would like to inform you that this Statement regarding cookies is in accordance with Belgian law as in force (Law of 10/07/2012 containing various provisions on electronic communications, BS 20/9/2012).

Our website uses different types of cookies:


As their name implies, these cookies are strictly necessary to allow you to browse the website or to provide certain features you have requested.


These cookies improve the functionality of our website by saving your preferences. For example, you can create your profile on the home page.


These cookies last longer than the visits of the users. If a persistent cookie has a maximum age of 1 year, the original value of that cookie will be taken back every time you visit our server within the year. They are used to store an important part of the information, such as how you discovered our website. It is for this reason that they are called tracking cookies. For example, once you have entered your language preference, the website will store your preference in a persistent cookie on your internet browser. When you visit the website again, this persistent cookie is used to ensure that content is displayed in your preferred language.


These cookies allow us to improve the performance of our website by offering a better user experience. We use Google Analytics, a popular website analytics service provided by Google Inc. Google Analytics uses cookies to help us analyze how visitors use our website. It records the number of visitors and informs us about their general behavior – such as the typical duration of a visit, or the number of pages visited by a user.


In order to support our communications, we integrate the content of links to social media such as YouTube, Facebook and Twitter and use the sharing options on social networks. The channels we use may display cookies from these websites over which we have no control. You should consult the relevant third party websites to obtain more information about these cookies.


We may collect, store and use the following personal information:

  • Information about your computer, such as hardware and software, and about your visits to and use of this website (including the parts and pages of the website, and the information you are looking for, your IP address, the IP address of your service provider, the date and time of your visit to our website, the internet address of the website from which you opened the link to our website, the content you sent or downloaded, your geographical location, operating system and browser type).
  • Any other information you choose to send us, such as when you ask us for information.
  • The personal data you provide to us when registering, paying and/or delivering your order, such as your name, address and e-mail address. In addition, when paying, we also request certain financial information, which we will not have access to, as these are managed by the payment service providers. .


The website also collects data through cookies. To read more about how we use cookies, please read our Cookie Statement.

We do not collect any sensitive personal information (such as data concerning race, ethnic origin, religion, criminal records, physical or mental health, sexual orientation).


There are a number of possible options available to avoid the storage of cookies. Please consult the websites of the different browsers to learn more about blocking the storage of cookies. It is also possible to delete the cookies already installed on your computer at any time.


It seems appropriate to remember that if you decide to delete the cookies, you will probably have to re-enter all your usernames and passwords on all the websites you visit, something you didn't even think about before. As mentioned above, cookies can indeed enhance your web browsing experience.


All problems, questions and disputes concerning the validity, interpretation, enforcement, execution and termination of this Agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with Belgian law, without the possibility of recognizing any other choice of law or of conflicts of law. or legislative provisions (Belgian, foreign or international) to which the application of the rules of the laws or jurisdiction, other than those of Belgium, could give rise. This provision is without prejudice to the application of the mandatory legal provisions of all other countries, which remain in full force and effect.

Any dispute or claim arising out of or relating to this Statement or the breach of its terms shall be submitted to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of our registered office.

Last update of the Privacy Statement : July 27, 2017