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indian Chai indian Chai
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Brand: Blend Tea Model: indian Chai
The word simply means Chai Tea, but has become synonymous around the world with this delicious spicy drink which originated in India. Our blend contains a blend of black tea, cloves, ginger pieces, coriander seeds, and cinnamon. For a traditional preparation, prepare a strong tea, add warm..
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Italian Breakfast Italian Breakfast
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Brand: Blend Tea Model: Italian Breakfast
This original blend of Ceylan tea produces a strong draw with a clean, fresh, aromatic taste and a brilliant amber drink. It has a rounder taste compared to other traditional breakfast blends and its energizing properties make it a perfect morning tea.Content box pyramids: 15 bagsContent bag of..
Japanese Cherry Japanese Cherry
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Brand: Blend Tea Model: Japanese Cherry
A special blend of Sencha green tea and Packlum white tea (young and precious white tea buds similar to Silver Needles known for their rarity and elegant taste). This blend is further enriched with the very light and delicate aroma of Sakura cherry blossom.Like white tea, green tea is not ferme..
Jasmin Dragon Pearl Jasmin Dragon Pearl
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Brand: Blend Tea Model: Jasmin Dragon Pearl
This refined tea is made by hand from the first second leaves of the tea plant. The pearls are then up to five times more fragrant with the night-blooming jasmine flowers. It is traditionally served on special occasions.After withering, the tea leaves are heated for a few minutes to a temp..
Lemon Ice Tea Lemon Ice Tea
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Brand: Blend Tea Model: Ice Tea Limoen
Refreshing taste of lemon and Ceylon tea.This contains no less than 50% less sugar than the commercial brands.Only pure flavors, the iced tea contains only natural ingredients.Choice of 10, 20, 30, 40 or 50 pieces.Preparation method :Open the package and empty it into preferably a coc..
Luxury Gift Box Luxury Gift Box
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Brand: Blend Tea Model: PD_LUXBOX
This Luxury Leather gift box is filled with an assortment of teas, 8 flavors with 6 bags of each => 48 bags and wrapped in transparent foil with a gallant bow.Nice to give as a gift, but can also be used in the office, in a waiting room or at home.Ask us for the options:
Madagascar Madagascar
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Brand: Blend Tea Model: Madagascar
Rooibos and vanilla are a classic mix. They complement each other, and yet the separate flavors remain. Now we've added a dash of scented Kefhir lime to make her an elegant, almost sinful experience.Rooibos is rich in antioxidants, vitamin C and is caffeine-free.IngredientsSouth African ro..
Milla Milla
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Brand: Blend Tea Model: Milla
Chamomile has a special place in everyone's heart. It is the ultimate in relaxation, soothing and a feel-good infusion. We've added a little more vocals and sweetness to the mix, and the result is simply amazing, warming your heart with every sip.Content box pyramids: 15 bagsContent bag of..
Nettare D'Africa Nettare D'Africa
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Brand: Blend Tea Model: Nettare D'Africa
We have added the relaxing properties of the caffeine-free Rooibos from South Africa and the piquant sweet taste of orange, and the perfume of the bitter orange. This exceptional blend can be served warm before going to bed, or as an iced tea during the summer.Content box pyramids: 15 bagsConte..
Pu Erh Pu Erh
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Brand: Blend Tea Model: Pu Erh
The Pu Erh tea is perhaps the most esoteric of the Chinese varieties, traditionally aiding digestion and lowering cholesterol levels. Its earthy scent is pronounced, very similar to coconut and has a particularly successful blend.Content box pyramids: 15 bagsContent bag of loose tea: 100 gramsP..
Sencha Currant Sencha Currant
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Brand: Blend Tea Model: Sencha Currant
Our special blend of Japanese Sencha green tea, Formosa semi-fermented oolong tea and red berries, married with the natural sweetness of vanilla give this tea a calming and unmistakable aroma and taste.Content box pyramids: 15 bagsContent bag of loose tea: 80 gramsLike white tea, green tea is not fe..
Brand: Blend Tea Model: surprise-tasting
What does this tea tasting consist of?– Foodpairing & Tea– Dishes with tea– Cheese & Tea..
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