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About Us

Because we believe that beautiful things are always born out of respect and we are always looking for added value, we started Blend Tea Belgium.

Blend Tea stands for respect, we always approach our tea growers without prejudice and always ask them for equality. We also take care of their well-being, we always get their 100% commitment instead.

Together with our passion for pure flavors this is Blend Tea Belgium.

Our tea consists of pure ingredients....full leaf tea leaves, herbs, flowers and fruit.

No chemicals, glues, staples or additives for our customers.

Because pure tea is not only tasty but also super healthy. Discover the health benefits of our tea.

We stand for price-quality, fast service and informing our connoisseurs. We love to help our customers find their tea, we help them discover their favorite tea. We also like to give the right way to make their best tea and drink

Giving back to society is also what we stand for...that is why we give to Plan International every year.

Chin your health

Do you have a burning question...mail us because our customer and the personal are always top of mind for us.